Friday, May 9, 2014

Backlog Lab Schedule

SAD Backlog lab will take place on May-13 in SAD Lab.

If you have any other backlog lab for which you have filled the forms, you can appear on the last day of the lab as per the following schedule.

Semester Lab No. of Shifts Dates Internal Examiner Location
4th FM 3 (70 each) 13/5, 15/5 & 16/5 Gaurav Goel FM Lab

MODS 3 (70 each) 13-May to 15-May Chhavi Gupta SOM Lab
  BD 3 (70 each) 13-May to 15-May Sarmishtha BD Lab
6th  Env Engg 2 (85 each) 14-May to 15-May Gurman EE lab

Trpt Engg 2 (85 each) 14-May to 15-May Prashant Trpt Lab
  Concrete 2 (85 each) 16-May to 17-May Emmad Conc Lab
8th Project 6 shifts (~35 each) 13-May to 15-May GS, SP, PN, PM 204, 205 (SET II)

SAD (backlog) 1 shift 13-May Ruban SAD Lab
M Tech Env Modeling 1 14-May Prabhas CAD Lab

Exp. Mechanics 1 10-May J Durgaprasad SET III 106